Boys will be Boys… NO!

Having two boys only 21 months apart, I knew that it was only a matter of time before one of them had to make a trip to the emergency room. They enjoy wrestling, jumping around, running, and they tend to hit each other when they are angry. From what I gather after talking with others is that this is fairly normal behavior for siblings. (I grew up as an only child so this is uncharted territory for me.)

So we made it nearly four years without a serious injury. Sure, we had a bloody lip or a nasty goose egg here and there, but we managed to avoid anything that required professional attention. That all changed this past week, though. My lovely boys were playing upstairs while I was downstairs cleaning carpets when I heard a loud thud followed by screams coming from my youngest son. I flew around the corner and saw him sitting on the stairs crying that his brother had thrown a Nintendo at his head. I wasn’t happy so I ran upstairs to tell my oldest that he needed to stay in his room for a while as punishment. Then, as I was on my way back down the stairs, my heart stopped for a second.

There was blood all over my youngest’s shirt and it was dripping from his hairline. I got him to the kitchen where I cleaned up what I could with a cold, wet cloth and tried to examine where the blood was originating from. I found a decent-sized gash on his scalp. I couldn’t believe that it had been caused by a Nintendo! I quickly called for my oldest to come downstairs so that I could show him the consequences of his actions. Then, after a call to my husband, we headed out the door to an emergency prompt care. My son received a good cleaning of the wound and a staple. All is good now.

I was pretty shaken so I chose to talk to my friends on a group chat about the incident. I sent them a picture and vented to them about the incident and how I couldn’t believe how my oldest had lashed out on his brother. Now, none of my friends are parents so I do not expect them to fully understand some of these situations that I encounter. They were all astonished at the photos and asking me concerned questions when one chimed in and said “Well, boys will be boys…”

Can we just talk about how much I HATE this saying? I mean, how on earth is that a legitimate explanation for bad behavior amongst boys? How ludicrous would it sound if a judge simply said “Well, rapists will be rapists…” while listening to an argument against a rapist? I know that that is a bit of a jump, but isn’t this what that saying is ultimately teaching – that it is okay to misbehave if you are a boy because it is socially accepted that if you have a penis you will probably act out.

Of course, as any parent probably does when they receive unwanted advice or comments, I laughed it off and moved on with the conversation. I only wish people would think about what they are saying.


2016 Update

I have taken nearly two months off from this new blogging adventure of mine. All of that time off hasn’t been a complete waste of time, though. I have been working really hard to better myself since 2016 started. You may remember that I had posted about starting a weight loss journey as my new year’s resolution. Believe it or not, I am still doing quite well.

I started my first round of the 21 Day Fix the second week of January and after the 21 days were up, I was down nine pounds. I am pretty pleased with those results. I have had a couple bumps with a little flu bug and a hurt toe, but I am gearing up for my second round here soon with hopes of another nine pounds gone!

Along with my weight loss journey, I have also rediscovered a love for reading and I am on my fourth book of the year. I am mixing nonfiction with self-help and it is actually doing wonders for my moods. I had never realized how much I would love reading on a tablet. It is especially nice for late-night reading in bed!

So, now to continue this journey that I started and maybe even add a few more. I believe that 2016 has a lot to offer me and I am excited to see its full potential.

How is 2016 treating you so far? Are you tackling any new adventures or planning to?


Talk to you soon. xo

I Cry at Night

I cry at night because I don’t feel good enough

I cry at night because you’re not good enough

I cry at night because I cry at night


I wake up late because I don’t want the fight

I wake up late because I can’t fall asleep

I wake up late because I cry at night


I rush around because I can’t manage time

I rush around because I can’t be late

I rush around because I wake up late; I cry at night


I argue with you because I feel like I don’t exist

I argue with you because I don’t get it

I argue with you because I cry at night


I love my family and my friends

I love my children, I love my man

I love my life but I cried last night


What to Binge on Netflix _My Top 14_

Okay, so I have an unhealthy relationship with my television. As soon as everyone is in bed (including my husband), I stay up super late and binge-watch TV shows. I can’t help it: it is my “me” time! I have compiled a list of shows that I have watched from start to finish that I would recommend. Some of these are guilty pleasures and some are cult favorites. ENJOY!


Breaking Bad

Orange is the New Black*

Pretty Little Liars*

Sons of Anarchy

The Office


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt*

Drop Dead Diva

How I Met Your Mother

Arrested Development






What would you add to the list?

Let me know if you watch or have watched any of my favorites!


*indicates shows that are still airing new episodes/series are not complete

My Child’s Presents are None of Your Business

Have you seen this screenshot floating around social media? It has been pretty prominent on my Facebook feed as of late and every time I see it, it digs a little deeper under my skin.


If you’re a parent on social media, I am sure you have noticed the “mommy wars” that take place on a daily basis. Everyone has an opinion on how certain things should be done and they broadcast it to the world that they are right and all other ways are inadequate. The same can be said for this picture. Some share it to agree with it and others share it to go on a long, vicious rant: either way, you’re part of the issue.

I will admit, I do not agree with this image. There is no reason anyone should tell me how to gift to my own children. I will not, however, go on too much of a rant about it. I understand where this person is coming from. I understand that not everyone can afford those big gifts. I can remember Christmases where my mom had to get my gifts from a special program because she couldn’t afford to do it herself. I was young, but old enough to understand that a gift is a gift and I should be grateful.

I mean, isn’t that our job as parents; to raise our children to be respectful, decent adults someday? How is belittling and blaming others going to accomplish anything? It only teaches our children that whenever you have a shortcoming in life, it is not your fault but someone else’s. If your children are upset about their mittens from Santa then maybe you need to use that to teach them a lesson about being thankful.

My children are not getting what they asked for from Santa. It is not because they asked for too much or something ridiculously huge. It is simply because we had already bought them other gifts. If they complain about their presents from Santa then I am sure Santa will gladly come back to our house and take those gifts back where they came from. You see, my children can be bratty and demanding sometimes and if they choose to be that way about a gift then they will not get it.

I guess the point I am trying to make here is that if my kids get a mansion from Santa and your children get a shack, it really isn’t your place to tell me I am wrong. Are you going to tell me what clothes they can wear and what food they can eat too? Be happy, enjoy the holidays, and worry about your own situation; not mine.


Playing Santa is Hard

Five years ago it was my oldest child’s first Christmas and I was so excited to get to play Santa. The thought of it filled me with joy and excitement. I had no idea, however, how complicated it actually would become. You see, when you are playing Santa you are basically fabricating one big lie. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for it, but this stuff is complicated.

First of all, you have to make sure that your family is all on the same page so that you don’t confuse the children. Does Santa wrap his gifts? Are you going to stick with the “naughty children get coal” routine? What about that Elf on the Shelf thing? Does Santa only give one gift to each child or does he give whatever they ask for? There are so many ideas behind Santa and every family seems to have a different story that they follow (and that is okay). After you make all of these decisions, though, you have to keep up the façade.

Last year, when my son was four, he began to question Santa. He asked if Santa really existed and I didn’t know exactly how to respond. Was I not playing Santa correctly? I don’t remember exactly how I responded, but I made sure that I inferred that Santa was just the spirit of Christmas inside of us all. He hasn’t questioned Santa again, so I must have done an okay job with that.

This year I am in a real predicament: my children have not been behaving. I have always taught them that Santa only gives presents to children that behave and if they are naughty then they get coal. So what am I to do? My boys are only five and three, so reasoning with them can be slightly difficult. I have already purchased their gifts from Santa but I am thinking of giving them those gifts from myself and they may just get coal from the man in the red suit.

Believe me, my children are not going to get cheated on Christmas: I just want them to see that there are consequences to their actions and maybe this will get through to them. I am very conflicted with this, though. This is why playing Santa is hard. Does Santa think all children are on the nice list or does he actually have a naughty list?



Do you make a New Year’s resolution? I usually don’t but I have decided to make a change this year.

After my second child was born, I decided to start living a healthier lifestyle and I lost 60 pounds over the next eighteen months. Now, three and a half years after I began that journey, I have gained every pound back.

My resolution for 2016 will be to lose that weight again. I have a few different programs from Beachbody that I plan to use, but I will be starting out with the 21 Day Fix. It is a pretty simple, straight-forward, and comes with an eating plan. I have used it in the past and had success with it. I suppose my resolution is pretty cliché, but aren’t they all?

I am really hoping to succeed with this and not become one of those statistics. That is why I am sharing this with you all. I am going to blog my resolution to (hopefully) keep me accountable. So, cheers to the rest of the year – the fudge, cookies, wine, and hometown favorites. As soon as I get back from my holiday break my butt is going to work!